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In my previous life, I was a scrapbooker. I was one of those people who had a dedicated craft room and spent my weekend evenings at “crops” with friends, making a mess and decorating my photo albums with letter stickers and embellishments.
scrapbook 1Because I'm not typical though, I basically stopped scrapping as soon as I had a baby. These are two of about a dozen Max-related pages I have. Maybe it's the time a baby takes up, maybe it was because work got busier too, who knows, but it's something I haven't picked up in years, as much as I miss it sometimes.
scrapbook 2

Something else I loved to do was make greeting cards, elaborate little masterpieces made from scraps and ephemera, I could spend hours making card after card, so I always had a stash of them if a card-giving opportunity arose.

Unfortunately, cardmaking isn't something I have time or space to do these days, so much of my mailing has fallen by the wayside. It's rare I even remember to pick one up at Target to send my Grammy or something. (Sorry, Mom. I know. I'll do better)

This is why the Handmade Happy Mail card subscription is such a great fit for me! I've known the owner and artist, Deena, since my own scrapbooking days, and I'm so proud of her and her new business venture.

All cards with postage

Handmade Happy Mail is a monthly subscription that sends you five handmade greeting cards each month, complete with an envelope AND POSTAGE for mailing. They're seasonally appropriate as well, so each month will include two birthday, two themes (like thank you or congratulations) and then a special holiday design, like Mother's Day or Halloween.

mothers day card

You can go month-to-month for just $25, or prepay for a quarter (3 months) for $71. The whole year is $255, giving you a whole year's worth of beautiful handmade greetings.

Each card is crafted beautifully, with dimensional embellishments and details.

congrats card

congrats card detail

Sending a handmade greeting card really makes a statement; the card itself is a miniature work of art that you're sending, more than just something you grab from the card aisle at the grocery store while you're shopping.

stack birthday card

I'm giving one lucky winner a three month subscription to Handmade Happy Mail, so that you too can send a little handmade love to those in your life. There are several entry methods below.

Contest will close on May 19, I'll notify the winner on May 20. Good luck!
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  1. I love sending cards; thank you cards, birthday cards, congrats! I recently sent a birthday card with a package to my niece who lives in Cali!!

  2. These cards are gorgeous! I know I’d definitely send more out than the few I do now if I had them!

  3. I know I mailed my mom a card recently, I just don’t remember what for! My boyfriend’s family doesn’t do greeting cards, so it’s just been between my mom and I. I’ve saved all of the cards she’s sent/given me for the past ~10 years, though!

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