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Wowsers, I have some talented friends!
One of the coolest things that blogging has brought me is the people… people from all over the world, from all walks of life, people I might never have known otherwise.
Among those amazing and talented folks are many, many authors.
For the holidays, I wanted to share just some of the incredible books my friends (and family!) have written.
There's something here for everyone… take a look! (Just click on the book cover image to go to Amazon to purchase! Disclosure: These are affiliate links that allow me to make a few cents off your purchase, I appreciate it!)

Resources (aka: Books for Dummies)

Kelby Carr, of Type A Parent, has written TWO books about Pinterest, and Melanie Nelson wrote the first edition of Facebook All-in-One, and her DAUGHTER, Emily, co-authored this awesome Minecraft Construction book, which I think Max might need for Christmas… Deg Ng is one of my community manager idols, and has *literally* written the book on how to do it.

Books for Kiddos

My friend JC Little, aka The Animated Woman, has written and illustrated several sweet books. I reviewed The Last Snowman last winter, and the Picklewasel Picture Riddles book is her newest release. I love her illustration style and can't get enough of her.


Not a subject that impacts *me* personally, but my amazing mother-in-law, Lucinda Porter, has written two books on the important topic of Hepatitis C. It is vital that everyone born between 1945-1965 is tested.

Make you giggle

I met Norine and Jessica from The Science of Parenthood this year, and liked them both imensely. Their new book, a compilation of parenting-related Tweets, is a fun little read. Charlie and Andy, the dads behind the fabulous How to Be a Dad, wrote and illustrated the hilarious “Guide to Baby Sleep Positions” You've probably seen them posted on Facebook before. Now you can own them on paper! Tracey Beckerman has two hilarious memoirs, and even though her life is nothing like mine (New York v. San Fraancisco, not so similar) she still finds all the relatable points in parenting and motherhood, and will make you laugh. And last, my friend April co-authored this ridiculous cookbook, and it's good to have on hand, the next time you need to prepare unicorn or Ewok for a friend who keeps kosher.

Compilations (that will make you laugh and/or cry)

Write on Edge is a writer's linkup that has been around for a long time, and they have published three anthologies of some incredible work, and all three include many of my dear friends. The Listen to Your Mother book is actually on pre-order, it doesn't actually release until April 7, 2015, but it is a compilation of some of the most amazing stories to have come out of the live show series over the last few years.

Make your home pretty

I've known Fern online for years, and she is who I go to with all plant-related questions. She wrote this book on small space and container gardening a few years ago.

Helpful for parents

Disney, tinkering, and a couple of parenting help books. Cam from Growing Up Goofy is my go-to expert for Disneyland stuff, Rachelle's Tinkerlab is basically genius. I love Whit's book and blog (the Honea Express), and it's a great reference guide to have on hand. Christine of Boston Mama‘s Minimalist Parenting is a a great eye-opener for all parents.


She blogs at Karma, Continued, and her book is a lovely extension of that. I adore Jenny's way with words and would probably read a cereal box if she wrote it.


Jessica, who blogs at It's My Life, is a local friend and social media pro, and she wrote this novel that I've heard great things about… it's on my To Read list, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I'm looking forward to it though!

Have you written a book, or are you part of a published compilation? Leave a link in the comments and I'll add it above!

Happy Reading!

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