Frozen 2 Ornament: Nature’s Elements Cut File

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When I had the chance to attend the Frozen 2 World Premiere, I knew that I was going to love the movie. I also knew that it would be the smash hit of this winter break, so I paid close attention throughout the film for ideas that I could translate across to craft projects. I knew, as soon as I saw these icons before we even got into the theater, that they would be something I'd need to create, so we've put together these Frozen 2 ornaments for you!

While I made mine on my Glowforge laser, the files are SVG and will work with just about any craft cutter; the Cricut Maker can cut material up to about 2mm thick, so that would totally work for mat board or cardstock. I did a test on Baltic Birch with my laser, and it cut beautifully, so it's up to you and your machine what you make them out of!
Frozen 2 Ornaments

Frozen 2 Ornament Supplies

Craft Cutter: Like a Glowforge, Cricut or Silhouette

Mat Board in assorted colors

Glitter spray paint

Frozen 2 ornament Nature's Elements Cut File: Click image below to download!

Load the files into your cutting software and cut.

I spray painted my teal mat board with glitter spray paint afterwards, but it's up to you if you want to leave them plain, depending on your mat board color.

In the movie, they're kind of clear/icy/crystal looking, so it's up to you.

Frozen 2 Ornaments

You could totally put a number of these on a loop as a mobile, or as is for ornaments, and a friend even suggested that they might make good earrings! They're such cool graphical shapes, they'd be really versatile for all sorts of Frozen 2 projects!

Looking for some fun Frozen 2 Activity Sheets? I've got a free download for you, and you can find my full review of Frozen 2 here.

Frozen 2 Ornaments


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  1. These stencil cut outs would be great for a bulletin journal layout! I might do a layout using your print out. Thanks so much do sharing this post. The ornaments look so pretty!

  2. This is coming up as a pdf, your blog said they were svg format? Did this change? Not sure how to convert to svg and the lines look too thin for design space to make it a decent cut file?

  3. My daughter doesn’t like a denim dress I bought her, but says she would wear it if it was a Frozen dress,. So i was searching things I could cut and iron-on, This will be perfect. Thank you

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