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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with fonts. One of the holdouts from art school, I constantly tell Jamie the names of typefaces we see out in the world, and I have THOUSANDS of them installed on my computer. I can spend ages looking for the perfect one for whatever project I'm working on. As I've been planning our Universal Orlando vacation, of course, I had to collect as many Harry Potter fonts as I could, so I've compiled a list here for you, so they're all in one handy place.

Links to free Harry Potter free fontsSome of these are directly from the movies and books, like Harry P and Lumos, but there are others that are more loosely inspired by the Harry universe, and I actually find myself reaching for those ones the most! I LOVE Magic School, for example, when I want that Harry Potter *feel* without being explicitly wizarding wordly. (Does that even make sense? lol)

Free Harry Potter Font Downloads

Enjoy all these free Harry Potter fonts!

A Charming Font

Aquiline Two



Harry P

HP Poster


Magical Me


HP Dingbats

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  1. Hello! I came upon a sign online, and need assistance with some of the fonts being used. Looks like there are several different fonts. I know a few of them, but there is one that I’m having problems identifying. Was wondering if you could help.

    Here is the link to the sign:

    I need to find out what font is used for:

    because we are members of

    And, I believe it’s used in the lower part as well:


  2. Just learning how to use a Cricut. Trying to make some baby onsies in a Harry Potter theme. These fonts are perfect! Thank you so much!

  3. Hi there,
    I downloaded a few fonts that you have for Harry Potter with no fee. However when I go to open the zip file it wants me to download it, which I did. But I’m trying to get the font into Design Space with Cricut and it isn’t there. I can’t even find the files of the fonts on my screen without going in to the downloaded folder. Can you help me?

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