#FMSPhotoaDay – February 1-7

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There's a pretty huge Photo a Day/Instagram challenge that's been going around for a couple of years now… the hostess of it is blogger Fat Mum Slim and the hashtag is #FMSPhotoaDay (you can find it on both Twitter and Instagram)

I've been feeling like I've been nelecting my camera for a while now; since I got my iPhone in June, I seem to reach for it before my Nikon when taking photos. Because I want to get back to taking more “real” photos, I decided to take FMS's daily prompts, but use them as a daily challenge with my DSLR instead. I'm going to post weekly updates for the challenge, and this will be days 1-7 of February… I technically took tomorrow's picture already, but tomorrow's Thursday, so I know I'll pick up my camera anyway!

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