Family and Wedding Party

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There's a cigar shop right across the street from the hall… it was the *perfect*spot to take the guys' photos, and I love how they turned out! Jamie also kept the band from his cigar so I can scrap it… I've got him trained good! LOL My dad, Jamie and Dave, the Best Man.

My sister/Matron of Honor (bwahaha!) and I…

The clasped hands are Austin's official “priestly pose” I think. For those keeping track, his stole is for Ordinary Time and we are in Advent. But we gave him the stole as a gift, so he wore it! It was perfect!

Yes, we're facing the wrong way, yes, everyone has their shoes on, yes there are five of us. It was still a Beatles-heavy wedding! What more do you want from us? LOL Suzy almost just run down by an SUV snapping this pic! I'm glad she didn't get hurt though, because I would have felt really bad.

My family, being all pretty and proper.

My family, being what we really are! LOL
(And the way Jason is holding Faith *kills* me everytime I look at it! Poor kid! LOL)

Us with Jamie's mom after the ceremony… Jamie's her baby, so this was a big day for her!

Everyone at the wedding who was related to Jamie… that's the easiest way to put it… I won't go into specifics, since it'll take forever to explain them all! LOL

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