End the battle of the brush! (The toothbrush, that is)

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battle of the brush firefly
I actually think we're kind of lucky when it comes to getting Max to brush his teeth. For us, unlike many parents, our biggest challenge isn't so much getting him to do it, but getting him to do it correctly and for enough time.

As he's gotten older, he gets more frustrated with Jamie and I hovering over him in the bathroom while he's brushing, be it hair or teeth… when he first started bugging us about it, we agreed on having him sing the ABCs to himself as a timer reminder for his teeth. Have you heard how fast a kid can sing their ABCs if they want to? It's FAST. ABCDEFGHIJK *big breath* LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!!!! And he's done.

Or so he thinks.

Then we upped it to sing the song twice, allowing us to monitor his brushing from the other room. And still, he'd rush through and complain when we told him he hadn't brushed enough.

Enter the Firefly Star Wars toothbrushes to save the day! Because if it's Star Wars, Max is all in.

all brushes

He got to choose from the three Star Wars brushes we receievd; the Darth Vader lightsaber, the ObiWan lightsaber, or the Yoda “Ready Go” brush. Because he couldn't possibly choose Vader, after some deliberation, he went with the Yoda brush, because good guys are better at fighting cavities, I guess?

2 brushes with Artoo

max showing toothbrush

I love the Ready Go brush because it features a set of red, yellow, and green lights on it, which shows Max exactly how long he should be brushing, regardless of how many times he is able to sing the Alphabet Song. He's doing a much better job brushing now, because there's no discussion or argument over how long he's supposed to be doing it.

brushing in mirror

What does your #BrushBattle look like at home? Is it about how long, like ours is? Or do you just have trouble getting your kids to do it at all? Firefly offers tons of themed brushes, so there's bound to be something that will get your kids excited about brushing… Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Marvel… something for everyone.

brush battle sweepstakes

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