Dress? Check!

*squeal* I bought my dress today! It's been ordered and is due in early April! Woo hoo! Paid for and everything!

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I took my sister and Jane to David's this afternoon, so they could help me choose between the final 2…

Here's the second place finisher… I liked it quite a bit, but still wasn't sure… it's the dress that I had first cut out of the catalog, it's the dress I first went to David's to try on… in the magazine, I hadn't been able to see all the sparkles; it was a little fancier than I wanted, almost *too* wedding-ey. And it did weird things to my hips and butt. It's a beautiful dress, but I think it might be better suited for a more petite bride than I. So it was nice, but back onto the rack it went.

And now onto MY DRESS!

I had a feeling this was the one I'd end up with… I just kept finding myself thinking about it more… considering what flowers would look right with the champagne trim, searching for darker colored veils on eBay… when I walked out of the dressing room, Katie looked at me and said “There it is! That's it” and I knew she was right.

In the photos, I'm wearing either an 18 or a 12… they didn't have the size that fits me perfectly… you can tell a little bit that it's too big up top, or a little bit tight in the mid section. Trust me when I tell you that it looks *perfect* in the right size!
The color is Champagne and Ivory; the lining and trim being the darker Champagne color, and the lace the Ivory.

The shoes in the photos are loaners from DB… I haven't decided on my own fabulous footwear for the big day yet… of course, my dress being only $250 (woo hoo!) does leave a bit more space in the budget for the oh-so important shoes!

I don't think we took a pic with the veil I really like.. it's ivory, and has ribbon trim that's very close to the Champagne color on the dress… DB wants over $100 for it, I've seen it on eBay for about $20, and Jane thinks her veil might be a good fit, so even better if it's my something borrowed!

You can tell this is a bit big for me… especially up top! LOL
I don't love the tiara thing she plunked on head, though I do want *something* sparkly up there! much smaller (thinner) that that thing though.. more of a headband than an actual crown. Miss America I'm not.

This is the smaller dress; I'm pulling the front smooth to get a shot of how it actually looks when it's the right size… nice and wrinkle free! LOL

A front close up for a detail shot of the lace… the trim actually has a sweet little bow on the back; it's nothing annoying, nice and flat and pretty easy to ignore! LOL

So anyway, it only took me a few minutes to try on the two dresses, so we had some time to kill… since we had access to the dressing room and the attention of a sales girl (sorry… “Bridal Consultant”) we had Katie grab a few dresses from the rack… as of this moment, she's going to get this dress (pictured in red) (But she'll get it in “Peridot” which is David's Bridal speak for “Green”) I snapped a pic of a different dress style in the right color. (Sorry for the boob shot, Katie! You'd thank me if you saw the look on your face in the original!)

This style will have enough space for some flexibility for 3 months post-partum Katie, and happens to be a nice match for my dress… the empire waist and bow detail (mine has a small bow on the back) will tie in nicely. The plan is for us to look around a bit more in the next month or so… when my dress arrives, we'll order this one for Katie unless she's found something else she prefers.
I'm really not that picky… she now knows the *shade* of green I'm looking for, and she's my only attendant, so as long as she's dressed appropriately, I don't really care what she wears! LOL

So those are the big updates for today!
Wedding stuff is going to be going back burner soon, with the kitchen remodel taking up most of our free time!
Oh, no… I lied! We're doing engagement photos next weekend with Suzy, so I'm sure I'll have to post some of those!

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  1. Yay!! when I see my dress in the same screen shot as yours, I get an even better feeling about it. I think it’s a nice compliment to yours. Maybe I can find it online for cheaper! I’ll start loojing!

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