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I'm so excited about the new Solo movie, and can't wait for it to open this month! We've got some cool activity and coloring sheets you can download to help you get ready for the movie! Character coloring sheets and some different activities, like mazes and word search, are sure to help you get into the mode for the movie when it opens on May 25!

We've got a collection of activity pages and coloring sheets that you can download and print out for your kids while they wait to see the movie, you can download them all below.

Solo Movie Activity Sheets

Click each image to enlarge and then right-click and save to your computer. You can also download all of the pages as a PDF if you click here: Download Activity Sheets (opens Google Drive in a new tab)

I love a good word search, and this one is Chewbacca themed. Chewbacca themed makes EVERYTHING better.

These coloring sheets of the charcters are so cool; I love Qi-ra in the movie, and am so curious to see if we get more of her in future Star Wars universe stories! Maybe on Disney+?I love that they included the Falcon as a character, because it totally is! Check out my Kessel Run Marble Maze project, if you love the Millenium Falcon as much as I do!Can you crack the code? Looking for help? Check out my laser-engraved Aurebesh translators!Ooh, betcha can't clear this asteriod field in less than 12 parsecs!This is a cool little word puzzle, you work your way through the path going from  letter to letter of the word “Falcon”Another fun Solo movie activity!


Star Wars and other Solo

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