Halloween for Whovians

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Every Doctor Who fan has a favorite doctor, and all of them make for a great Halloween costume. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to put these costumes together with a little advance planning so you can order specialty items online, but you probably have some of the required pieces already in your closet!

Don't forget, no matter what you wear, you need a sonic screwdriver and a quick wit to pull of your Doctor Who ensemble.

Sonic screwdrivers come in tons of options from a basic plastic version of the 10th Doctor's, to a screen-accurate replica version. Keep in mind that, like lightsabers in Star Wars, each Doctor has their own Sonic Screwdriver design, so be sure to find one that matches your Doctor of choice!

The 4th Doctor Who CostumeEasy Doctor Who Costumes - 4th Doctor

Extra Long Doctor Who Scarf | Burgundy Blazer | Wide-brimmed Fedora | Tweed Pants | Black Lace-up Booties | Curly Wig

The 9th Doctor

Easy Doctor Who Costumes - 9th Doctor

Black V-Neck Tee | Black Leather Jacket | Black Pants | Work Boots

The 10th Doctor Who Costume

Easy Doctor Who Costumes - 10th Doctor

Brown Pinstripe Suit | White Button-Down Shirt | Silk Tie | Brown Trenchcoat | Converse High Tops | Glasses

Be sure to check out our Doctor Who Cosplay for Kids post too!

The 11th Doctor

Easy Doctor Who Costumes - 11th Doctor

Suit Vest | Bow tie | Burgundy Suspenders | Fez | Coat | Black Dress Pants

The 12th Doctor

Easy Doctor Who Costumes - 12th Doctor

Red-Lined Coat | Button-up Cardigan | Doc Marten's Boots | Slim Fit Pants | Sunglasses

The 13th Doctor

Easy Doctor Who Costumes - 13th Doctor

13th Doctor Rainbow Tee | Blue Coulottes | Yellow Suspenders | Grey Hooded Trench Coat | Brown Booties | Blonde Wig

Don't want to do The Doctor? There are loads of other characters just begging for costume-ification! It can be as simple as a black suit and a mask to turn yourself into The Silence, or you can throw on this Cyberman hoodie, or maybe a Dalek dress!

When we were prepping for ComicCon last spring, I borrowed a Tardis dress from a friend, which she got on Etsy. There tons of other Tardis dressses available now, personally I'm dying over this one!

Bring some of the Doctor into your every day with this Tardis Messenger bag, which would also double as an excellent Trick or Treating sack!





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