DIY Star Wars Sun Hat

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Over the summer, I couldn't help but notice this trend of wide-brimmed sun hats with words and phrases on them. “Life's a Beach” or “Wish you were here” just don't seem to capture the right style for me. Why not make a hat that could also be a souvenir from the best resort in the galaxy?

This Star Wars-inspired sun hat is so easy to make, all you need is a hat, the file, some vinyl and a Silhouette machine. BOOM.

The “Tatooine Desert Oasis” logo was created in Illustrator, and is built to fit on a standard sized hat brim, but if you need to resize it for your specific hat.

I've got the FREE cut file for you, just click the image below to open Google Drive and download it from there!

[ Click here to download ]

Star Wars Sun Hat Supplies

Wide-brimmed sun hat

Adhesive vinyl

Silhouette machine

Cut file

Cut the file using the settings recommended for the brand, and then transfer to the brim.

Place heavy books or similar weights on the vinyl to help it stick to the weave.

May the force be with you!

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