DIY Link Costume from Zelda

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This post contains affiliate links.Do you have a video game fan in your house? Learn how to make a Link costume from the classic video game Zelda and get the high score from your kids!

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We've broken the Star Wars trend with a classic Nintendo character instead. Max got Link's shield when we were at the Highland Games over Labor Day weekend, and this Link costume has been in the works ever since. It's actually surprisingly simple, considering how great it ends up coming together, and as per usual, Jamie pulled out all the stops in putting it together.

DIY Link Costume Shopping List

Link's Shield
Long sleeved white/off-white shirt
Dark green polo shirt (2) for tunic and hat
Khaki pants
Brown boots
Brown Belts (3-4) We had great luck thrifting these, so check there first!
Prosthetic ears
Scrap leather: This is the third time Jamie has used scraps of our old sofa! I think this might be the end of it though…
Green Paracord: Or any other kind of lacing material
Zip ties: For hanging the shield on the back, and creating a place to hold the Master Sword
Aluminum Tape
Master Sword: Jamie made ours from scratch, but they're also easily buyable online.

I also love the cute licensed Zelda stuff available at, which is a great place to shop if you're looking to coordinate for the family.
link costume shield

How to Make a Link Costume

how to make a link costume

Four belts, all thrifted. The one around the waist, one around the shoulder, one under the arm, and the 4th one was taken apart for the shoulder padding. Trim belts to fit and use rivets to hold them together. The green polo shirt simply has the collar and buttons cut off, and then paracord lacing on the placket.

diy link costume

A few quick “x” stitches with the paracord takes this from a plain shirt to a hero's tunic. The wrist guards are just cut from scrap leather and laced up on the inside with more paracord.

link costume

The hat is basically a Santa-shaped triangle, cut from the back of the second polo shirt. A couple of little “x” stitches and it's ready to go! The prosthetic ears are so ridiculously adorable, and the material is made to take makeup well so you can adjust the skin color if needed for your own Link.

link costume swordOur Master Sword is handmade with scraps from the garage; the trick is the aluminum tape that makes anything shiny and metallic looking. It's one of Jamie's favorite little tricks, that he picked up from watching Adam Savage videos.
how to make link costume sword

Put the Link Costume Together!

how to make a link costume for your child

link costume from zelda

easy to make link costume

easy diy link costume from zelda

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  1. I remember playing Zelda on the original Nintendo (aging myself here). You have the most adorable Link ever! I love that your husband helps with his costume every year. Great memories for your entire family.

    1. Wondering how you punched holes in the polo to do the “x” stitches.

      Won’t the shirt ravel???

      making this for my soon to be 7 yr old grandson who is obsessed with Link.


  2. What did you use for the guard on the sword? My kids (11 & 5) have been playing Ocarina of Time on my husband’s old Nintendo 64 and are determined to both be Link this year.

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