DIY Han Solo’s Lucky Dice

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They made their first appearance in Episode IV, and didn't really come up again until The Last Jedi, but they appear in their most significant role yet in the new Solo movie. They're Han Solo's lucky dice, that he hangs up in the Millenium Falcon.

The Falcon might not have a rearview mirror, but that doesn't stop Han from hanging them where a rearview mirror would be, so that gave us the idea to make our own hanging dice for the car!

In the movie the original dice are small, like regular gaming dice. We upsized these ones to give them more of a “fuzzy dice” feel.

Millenium Falcon Dice Supplies

Make your own Millenium Falcon Dice

We purchased a 2″x2″x12″ basswood block from the craft wood section at our local hardware store; it was easy to cut a pair of cubes from that.

Next, sand down one of the corners a little bit to get a flat surface into which you can screw the eye hook. (The wood is soft enough that you can just do this by hand, no special tools needed)

Use some twine to hang the blocks from the eye hooks, so you can spray paint them. You don't have to do a perfect job on this, since most of the sides will be covered by the vinyl.

Let the paint dry well (if you don't, the vinyl won't stick right)

Use your Silhouette cutter (or an exacto knife) to cut the side decals. Free cut file/template available to download here.

Once the paint is dry, carefully apply the decals to each side of the dice, and trim the corners that land on the flattened corner.

Attach each end of the chain to the eye hooks (may want to adjust length for your specific vehicle)

You're done!

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