Han Solo Costume DIY

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Don't everyone thank me at once, but you are going to love how easy this Han Solo Costume DIY is to make.

Get your swagger on in our easy DIY Han Solo costume

Our Epic Halloween Costume Tradition

I think this year's Han Solo costume is my favorite yet. Jamie is now on his third year of making epic Halloween costumes for Max, and while this one was the simplest to put together, I am in love with it, and not just because it's the easiest for Max to wear, and we won't end up carrying parts of it around all night on Halloween. (Click to see 2012's Thomas the Tank Engine and 2013's R2D2 (also pictured above))

Han Solo Costume DIY

The base of the costume is the blue pants, white shirt, and the black vest. We splurged on these superhero boots but bought them a little big, so they'll work for a variety of dress-up occasions. You could pretty easily make a fake boot/shoe cover, or buy and alter something like these ones. The pants are a standard school uniform pant, which we found to be the perfect shade of navy. I recommend going for a skinnier cut if you can, so they tuck into the boots correctly. Max's pants are from Old Navy, but these pants from Kohl's would also work well.

super easy Han Solo costume shirtThe shirt is a simple long-sleeved white tee shirt, with the neckline cut open. The vest is a black tee shirt, with the sleeves cut off and the front cut open. Easy.

close up Han Solo costume shirtFor the detail on the pants, Jamie just used red electrical tape and a blue Sharpie paint pen. The electrical tape is simply laid along the outside seam of the pants, and then he used a straightedge to put the blue along the red trim.

han solo costume DIY pantsThe most complicated part of the whole Han Solo costume is the belt and holster. He's wearing a regular belt AND the holster belt. We bought a regular adult-sized holster to give us additional materials to fabricate the details at a smaller size. Jamie has things like rivets in his workshop, so he was able to put the whole thing together pretty sturdily…

han solo costume DIY belt and holster The buckle is a piece of lightweight scrap wood, covered with silver tape and then stapled together.

han solo costume DIY hoster detailAnd that's it! All you need to finish off this Han Solo Costume DIY is to practice your cocky smuggler swagger, and you're set!

r2d2 and Han Solo costume DIY

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I used your tips to make a slightly less authentic Han Solo costume for my son.

  2. Thank you! My 9 year old is having a Star Wars party and you just made my life so much easier! This is right up my alley! And you’re from the Bay Area, which makes it all that much cooler 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear this, Kim! Did you see the other party posts? We’ve done a Star Wars breakfast party, as well as a more traditional lunch party with lots of fun food and activities!

      1. No not yet! I will look tonight 🙂 I marked up some red ribbon with blue stripes and will be stitching it up the sides of some blue dickies I bought for the pants. The shirt and vest worked perfectly and my husband will be handling the holster 🙂 He is going to get a lot of mileage out of this very simple costume! Right now the decorations will all just be transported down from his Star Wars themed bedroom and taken from the many shelves of his Lego creations lol

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