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We just got home from an incredible week in Jamaica for the #BeachesMoms event, and I did something crazy when we went. I didn't bring my laptop.

I had hemmed and hawed for days before we left. My concern was that if I brought it, I wouldn't use it, but if I didn't bring it, I'd regret it. I decided not to bring it, because 1) my backpack already weighed a million pounds and 2) bringing Max and Jamie meant that I'd want to hang with them instead of getting anything done on the computer.

Of course, it only took about 4 hours for me to wish I'd brought it along, but it was too late at that point, and so I was laptop-less for the week. And guess what? I survived.

I did get a couple of emails that would have been easier to deal with on the computer, but a quick “Can I get these to you when I get home” reply got me extensions and I was able to deal with things when I got back.

Instead of feeling pulled to work inside on a gorgeous afternoon, I was out with my boys, having the time of our lives.

It was only a week, but it was a week we'll always remember. The emails may have been dealt with slowly, and the Thursday picture might not have gone up until the following Monday, but I think it was a worthwhile trade-off for the memories we made.

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  1. Even though you were on a Blogger Trip I think its AWESOME that you decided to unplug for a bit! I think as a blogger its often hard to leave electronics at home because we feel we may miss something. But its a great feeling when we can be in the moment!

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