Degas had his dancers…

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Georgia O'Keefe had her flowers,
Claude Monet his gardens,
Frida Kahlo her self-portraits.

Max has his Angry Birds.

Before he started preschool, I was a little worried that he'd never learn to write or draw. He had NO interest in it at all, and would get frustrated when a single line didn't come out straight. I've always loved drawing and writing, so I was a little disappointed that this wasn't something we'd share, but I got over it.

It turns out, he just hadn't found his muse yet.
Within the first couple of weeks at preschool, he had started drawing. Angry Birds.

They began simply, as he figured out and refined his crayon and marker control:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs time passed, and his skills improved, he expanded into creating entire Angry Birds levels; he drew the specific birds and piggies, put them in context of their surroundings in the game:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd he was soon featuring Angry Birds Star Wars very strongly in his creations (notice the blue light saber):
And he was working on the specific characters. That's Lard Vader there in the second photo.


He has even tried his hand at Angry Birds-themed typographic art:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so now, as his preschool career comes to an end, I have his prolific collection of Angry Birds art:

He has moved on now, as artists often do.

He no longer just draws Angry Birds, because now that he's grown as an artist, he's aware that there's more in the world for him to document.

Like Cut the Rope.


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    1. I’m afraid of Minecraft! LOL
      He isn’t big into video games yet, other than on my phone.
      He and Jamie play MarioKart sometimes, but he hasn’t really branched out at all.

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