Day 14: #DIY Sugar Body Scrub #25DaysofHolidayIdeas

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sugar scrub titleThe base of this scrub is really easy to make, and you could easily customize it with whatever scents you prefer!
Because it's that time of year, I made a sweet and spicy mix with cloves, Apple Pie Spice and cinnamon.

You can mix up as much as you need; the base is just:
2 parts brown sugar
1 part white sugar
1 part vegetable oil

Then add the “flavoring” as you like it. I think I ended up around 1 Tablespoon or so, total.
Just mix it up really well, using a fork to break down any lumps, and that's it!
Store in an airtight container.
sugar scrub 2

Looking for an idea for the bacon lover in your life?
Why not make a Bacon-scented Body Scrub? You know you want to!

sugar scrub bacon

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