Concert reflections.

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Sorry to keep talking about the concerts, but I have some observations that I have to let out or they will rot my brain.
Some are funny, some piss me off, and some are kind of dumb.
You've been warned!

  • Older music fans (read: Stones fans) can afford higher quality weed than we could in high school. You can just *tell*
  • Do NOT get angry at and yell at the people in front of you for dancing. The woman in front of us actually tapped the couple in front of her on the shoulder and yelled at them to sit down. If you don't want anyone dancing in front of you, spring for a luxury box. Some of us are here to have fun!
  • If you are so drunk/stoned that you pour your beer on someone in front of you, you should apologize, even if it comes out a little slurred.
  • Leather hat, leather jacket, leather pants and leather fanny pack do NOT make you look cool.
  • “Master of Puppets” is not a good song to stand and sway with your lighter out.
  • Speaking of lighters, I should remember to being one to concerts more often. Stupid not smoking! The cell phone light just isn't the same.
  • I'm pissed that my camera isn't welcome and I have to take it to the car, but people can bring their Palm Treos in and record most of the show. On video. I just wanted a couple of shots of us with the stage in the background! How is this fair?
  • There is no WAY Mick Jagger isn't on something… it's one thing to “take care of yourself” it's another thing entirely to have THAT much energy at his age.
  • What happened to the $5 t-shirts in the parking lot? They're asking $25 for them now! That's crazy! (Not that I *ever* actually bought any parking lot merchandise… it's just weird. That's some serious inflation!
  • Bald head + Headbanging = One helluva funny lookin' dude!

So, those are just a few of my concert observations… I might add more as the days go by, so check back! LOL

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  1. “Bald head + Headbanging = One helluva funny lookin’ dude!”

    Ha! Ha! I can totally picture it, too! That must have been one of the old school Metallica fans!

  2. Oh God Girl…I was the Queen of the $5 parking lot shirts. I would spend any extra money I had on a program, then outside after the concert to get me a shirt!

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