Coming to terms

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I'm coming to terms with a part of myself, and I think it's time to share with you and ask you for support as I work through this difficult time.

You see, I fear I have an inner hipster.

I'm not sure how this happened, exactly, but I woke up recently and realized with shock that I enjoy and/or have encouraged some very hipster-like behavior in my daily life.

Exhibit A: I actually really think the hot pink Wayfarer-style sunglasses I got from Shutterfly are cute. (Blogher swag) They're fun in a kitschy sort of way, and isn't that what hipster-ocity is all about?

Exhibit B: If I was planning my wedding today, I'd totally have a photo booth complete with handlebar mustaches on sticks.

Sunglasses, ‘stache, complicated haircut

Exhibit C: My husband has a home-built single speed bike (which I happen to LOVE riding) and it can easily be converted to a fixie. Adding to that, when he was buying a new chain for it, I totally approved of the red and black one he chose to match the frame.

Exhibit D: Florence and the Machine.

Exhibit E: When we're camping, we drink cheap beer in cans. Specifically, the beer of choice is PBR. At home, it's microbrews and Guinness, but camping is PBR (And Natural Ice, to switch it up)

Exhibit F: When my hair is in need of a trim, it starts to get that overly-complex-hipster-haircut-with-random-varying-lengths look, and I'm OK enough with it that it buys me another week or so before I call my stylist.

Exhibit G: If I was going to take up a new musical instrument, it would totally be either the banjo or the theramin. Banjo for its ironic unhipness, theramin because it's so cool you've probably never heard of it.

Exhibit H: I don't have an exhibit H, except that hipster starts with it.

So. Is there hope for me, or am I destined to start wearing Delta Burke inspired shoulder pads and old-school Keds? Do you have some anti-hispter remedy I can try? I'm a desperate woman!

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  1. I had purple "Wayfarers" from Target for a day or two this summer. Abbey chose them after I broke my first pair of sunglasses. Dylan broke the purple ones the day after I got them. I thought he was just destructive, but now I see he was taking a stand against hipster style. (And now you know why I only buy sunglasses that cost under $15.)

    Off to Google theramin, so I can be a hipster, with an H, too…

  2. i love this list. LOL. and Im pretty sure about my inner hipster too. and Im not sure how I feel about it other than Im glad youre with me 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh I adore Florence and the Machine!!

    I guess I didn't even really know what a "hipster" was, you know, until I read this post about one. he he! ;P

    p.s. you TOTALLY need your sombrero too in the pic above! HA HA HA!

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