Color me stoked: Heathers the Musical is coming to SF!

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There are a number of TV shows and movies that epitomize the 80s for me; I did most of my growing up in that decade, so there are layers upon layers of nostalgia firmly entrenched in the pop culture of those years.

There are iconic scenes in each one: John Cusack in his trench coat with a boom box, Judd Nelson's fist in the air, Molly Ringwald sitting on the table, leaning towards Jake Ryan, Jennifer Grey NOT being left to sit in a corner, Kevin Bacon dancing at the prom, Matthew Broderick highjacking a parade float…

Christian Slater's “Greetings and salutations” upon meeting Winona Rider in the caf.

Yes, I'm talking about HEATHERS. The original high school mean girls movie is now a live musical, and I Can't Wait.

Opening tonight and running through June 13, I can't wait to check out the show next weekend. I found a few of the tunes on Spotify, and have been listening to them non-stop since I discovered them, as I often do before seeing a new show.

 What: Heathers: The Musical

Where: The Victoria Theatre, SF

When: May 22-June 13, 2015

Tickets: Prices from $25-36
Click here for the Victoria box office

It’s gonna be very!

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  1. YES! My coworker James was in it, and a big group of Disqussers went to go see it together (he was the “nerd”). So fantastic. I was lucky enough to catch the original off-broadway cast in NYC when it was playing (yay work trip!) – a friend of mine from college was in that one. This show is so very.

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