Cards Against Quarantine (Free Download)

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Jamie and I have been Cards Against Humanity fans for a looooong time. We add various expansion packs to Christmas stockings, birthday presents and anniversary presents, and Max has wanted to join us for a long time too. Excitingly, and because of the current lockdown situation, Cards Against Humanity has made their brand new Family Edition available online as a free download!

It sounds like the full printed game will be available later this fall, but because they're an awesome company, they're making the Beta version available today! On he Cards Against Humanity website, you can opt in to get an email when it's available, but in the meantime, this PDF download can be printed at home so you can start playing today.

There are two sizes of decks, depending on your preference (and printer ink level, probably) The “small” cards measure about 2″x2″ and the “large” ones are 2.5″x3.5″ They also have “low ink” versions that you can select, which are the same content, just set up in a midrange grey color to preserve your black ink. We just printed ours on regular paper, but you may want to use cardstock for a heavier weight option.

We've laid out our own Cards Against Quarantine set to match both the large and small sizes, so you can download the same size from both spots and they'll integrate perfectly!

Cards Against Quarantine Cards

Download Cards Against Quarantine (Small)

Download Cards Against Quarantine (Large)

And per special request from a dear friend, I've added another version, that uses less ink for our inkjet owning friends. Please note that both sizes of cards are included in the same file, so only print the pages that match your chosen deck size!

Download Cards Against Quarantine (Light Ink)

You can also use these blank cards to create your own additional cards! (Both sizes in one document)

Download Blank CAQ cards

We've had a great time playing this with Max, and our little add-on just makes it more fun and ridiculous.

Playing Cards Against Quarantine

My husband and I teamed up with our favorite game night buddies to come up with our set, so thanks to Katie, Jason, Kim and Justin for their helpful and demented brains.

Cards Against Quarantine

Download Cards Against Quarantine

The Small card set (Above) requires three sheets. The Large card set (Below) takes six sheets.

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