I've had this list for quite a while; I actually compiled it while Jamie and I were driving to LA to check off number 1, which is why it's number 1. It was about 3 weeks after my first kidney transplant, and the roadtrip had been something we weren't able to do when I was on dialysis.

So I compiled (completed) this list while on that trip. I brainstormed and we talked and I came up with a list of 100 things. I originally called it “100 Things to Do Before I Die,” but then that Bucket List movie came out, and that's what they're called now.

The List

    1. Go to an away game 2004 – SF Giants at Dodger Stadium
    2. Fly first class
    3. Drive or ride a train cross country August 2013, Chicago to Emeryville
    4. Go to Giants Spring Training
    5. Parasail
    6. Own Manolo Blahnik shoes 2006 – Bought and wore them for my wedding
    7. Appear on television 2005 – “Inked” on A&E featured me getting a tattoo
    8. Play a table game in a casino 2005 – At the Golden Gate casino in Vegas
    9. See Madonna in concert 2006 – Sticky & Sweet Tour
    10. Stand at the edge of a volcano
    11. See a show on Broadway Hedwig & the Angry Inch, July 2015
    12. Go to an NFL game 2005 – Go Niners!
    13. Go to an NBA game 2008 – Go Warriors!
    14. Be a mom 2008 – Hi Max!
    15. Own a convertible 2006 – Acquired by marriage ūüėČ
    16. Learn to fry a really good egg
    17. Scuba dive
    18. Be in a live studio audience 2012 – America's Got Talent audition filming in SF
    19. Have a scrap layout published 2005 – My transplant album featured in Simple Scrapbooks magazine
    20. Own my own house 2004
    21. See “Beach Blanket Babylon” 2007 – Birthday gift from my parents
    22. Meet someone famous… really famous 2009 – Al Franken
    23. See my name on the Jumbotron at a ballpark Aug. 2011, Shoreline Jumbotron at MUSE Music Festival (My face, not my name) ETA: On TV/big screen at 2016 AMAs with #KohlsVIPs
    24. Go to a drive-in movie 2008 – Solano Drive-in when Max was teeny tiny
    25. Own a bathtub I can stretch out in
    26. Go to Legoland San Diego, April 2014 & Florida, April 2015
    27. Host a dinner party for 6 or more people Regularly – Thanksgivings and Christmases are big now!
    28. Ride in a biplane. Go upside down
    29. Have a pint at the Guinness Brewery 2007 – Honeymoon!
    30. Ride an air boat in the Everglades
    31. Take an Alaskan cruise August 2015
    32. Go to a game at Fenway
    33. Go to a game at Wrigley Field August 2013 – Cubs v. Brewers
    34. Attend a black-tie gala 2010 – Ed and Kristin's wedding
    35. Go to the Grand Ole Opry
    36. See Mt. Rushmore
    37. Attend a Democratic Nat'l Convention
    38. Buy a brand new car 2005 – My Mazda3. And now I never need to buy new again
    39. Cross the Panama Canal
    40. Cruise the Mediterranian
    41. Drink a bottle of wine that's older than I am 2005 – 1975 Stag's Leap Cab
    42. Make a dish that involves setting something on fire
    43. Paint something and hang it on my wall Pinot's Palette, 2015
    44. See all the movies on AFI's “100 Best” list
    45. Throw the 1st pitch at an MLB game
    46. See Paris from the Eiffel Tower 2007 – Honeymoon
    47. Spend some time in Ireland and England 2007 – Honeymoon
    48. Go on safari in Africa
    49. Pet a sheep in New Zealand
    50. Drive a moped or motorcycle 2004 – Jamie's little brown moped
    51. “Jump out of a perfectly good airplane” (Skydive)
    52. Cross the Equator on a boat
    53. Attend the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics
    54. Explore Washington DC, see all the monuments
    55. Have a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
    56. Spend New Year's in another country
    57. Witness Carnivale in Rio
    58. Go to New Orleans, but not during Mardi Gras Dad 2.0 Summit 2014
    59. Learn to juggle… well!
    60. River raft through the Grand Canyon
    61. Drink a champagne toast in a hot air balloon
    62. Drive on the “wrong” side of the road in England
    63. See the aurora borealis
    64. Hurl a tomato at La Tomatina in Spain
    65. Pour soap bubbles in a public fountain
    66. “Discover” and name my own constellation
    67. Make a pilgrimage to Graceland
    68. Walk across Abbey Road barefoot 2007 – Honeymoon, but not barefoot
    69. Visit a former concentration camp
    70. Have high tea in London 2007 – Honeymoon
    71. See a play at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival
    72. Brew beer. Actually drink it. 2006 – For our wedding reception
    73. Send a message in a bottle
    74. Ride in a helicopter
    75. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    76. See the Great Pyramids at Giza
    77. Walk on the Great Wall of China
    78. Go to Burning Man. Once.
    79. See the SF Giants win the World Series 2010 AND 2012 AND 2014 baby!
    80. Participate in a political protest Daily – It's my responsibility as an American
    81. Float in the Dead Sea
    82. Watch an eclipse from start to finish 2012 – Partial solar eclipse
    83. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    84. Go spelunking
    85. Marry my best friend 2006 – He's the best
    86. Dye at least part of my hair an unnatural color 2011 – Added my red streak
    87. Go to Yellowstone and “smell the geysers”
    88. Participate in a flash mob 2011 – #OperationGlory at Blogher11
    89. Attend a blogging conference Several times over! Blogher11 and 13, BBCPHX, AL Non-Con…
    90. Visit Moffat, Scotland
    91. Own a fisheye camera lensGoPro 2015
    92. Add a Kodak Beau Brownie to my collection