Bucket List – CHECK!

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I had a bucket list before it was called a bucket list. Mine has always been called “100 Things to Do Before I Die” very self-explanatory, doncha think?

I actually do have a list of a full 100 things; Jamie and I started compiling it while driving to LA in Sept. 2004, weeks after my first kidney transplant, the first time in our relationship that I'd been off dialysis, so it was our first real roadtrip together.

I've chosen 15 things from my list that I've FINISHED! I'll be posting the whole 100 things sometime during NaBloPoMo, but here's a sneak peek… you'll have to check back if you want to see more! (This is why the items are out of order… their numbers are true to the complete list of 100)

So, back to our first roadtrip, driving to LA. Where were we going? A Dodgers game, to see our beloved San Francisco Giants play. Hence, that's number 1 on the list, and what kicked off the whole project.
1. Go to an away game Oct. 2004, Dodger Stadium

7. Own Manolo Blahnik shoes Dec. 10, 2006
I bought a pair for our wedding, and officially spent more on my shoes than on my dress.
8. Appear on television August. 2005
My inlaws took us to Vegas for Jamie's 30th birthday (and SIL's 21st), and I got a tattoo at Hart & Huntington, which was currently the site of the A & E show, Inked. I was filmed and showed up on the episode titled “Ribbons & Rockers,” which I heard you can find on iTunes.
11. See Madonna in concert 2008
My sister and I saw her live in Oakland on her Sticky & Sweet Tour… great show, even though I don't know that I'd bother going to see her live again.
14. Go to an NFL game
The first Niner's game Jamie took me to was the first weekend after we found out I was pregnant, and our friends Tony and Nicole took us out to dinner after the game to celebrate.
16. Be a mom April 17, 2008
18. Own a convertible Dec. 10, 2006
I own a convertible by marriage! When Jamie and I got married, the little yellow car became mine too! LOL
22. Have a scrap layout published 2005 and 2006
I ended up having to layouts published; one in Paperkuts and one in Simple Scrapbooks. The Paperkuts one was a page about our turtle, Squiggy, and Simple Scrapbooks published my “Waiting for My Happy Ending” album about my transplant.
27. Meet someone famous… really famous 2005 & 2006
I met Penn & Teller after their show in Vegas, and got to talk to Al Franken at a broadcast of his radio show in San Francisco. I also have a cool small world story about him, but I'll save that for another day.
33. Host a dinner party for 6 or more people Many
As my and my sister's families grow, this becomes a regular occurrence! All it takes now is for all of our kids to be present, and we're over 6! The whole local family for dinner now means 10 people!
35. Have a pint at the Guinness Brewery May 2007
Honeymoon again! I fell in love with Ireland and can't wait to go back.
44. Buy a brand new car June 2005
Bought my 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback, and now that I've bought new, I don't need to do it again! My Mazda has 160,000 miles on it now and is still going strong!
47. Drink a bottle of wine that's older than I am Jan. 2005
My parents bought a bottle of Stag's Leap Cab when they were pregnant with me, and had been saving it for a special occasion. The day we finally chose was dinner to celebrate Jamie and I buying our house. It was AMAZING.
78. Walk across Abbey Road May 2007, on our honeymoon
82. Brew beer. Actually drink it. Dec. 2006 (among others)
Jamie and Dave made all of the beer we served at our wedding reception; we had “Fat Cat Wheat,” in honor of Geoffrey, and “Porter Squared,” for those who prefer a darker beer. 🙂

So there are just some of the checked-off items… like I said, you'll have to come back to see the other 85 done and not done! 🙂

What's on YOUR bucket list?

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    1. Yeah, it’s one of my faves! We did a LOT of Beatles stuff on our honeymoon, including a tour in Liverpool! We’re geeks like that…

  1. This is awesome. I love everything! It’s fantastic!!! You rock.

    I have been meaning to create some sort of list like this, but I may just start with a “what I want to do before I’m 40” list first. 😉

  2. Love the items on your list. My things to do before I die list is very small. I’ve been able to do so many wonderful things in my life. I loved the meet someone famous item. I have gotten to know some famous people and that has been fun.

    1. I specifically, when I made my list, didn’t include things I’d already done… I know I’ve done a bunch of cool things in my life, and I don’t know which one I’d still want to do if I hadn’t already, but when I made my list, it was totally 100 things I had never, until that point, done. 🙂
      And getting to know famous people? Nice!

  3. I am so envious of #78! That’s an awesome list — and you’ve gotten to cross quite a few off your list of 100. That’s great! I also posted part of my bucket list on my blog; however, I’ve not been so good about chippin away at it yet. 🙁

  4. Oh I used to have a Mazda 3 hathback! I loved it! Loved dropping it into 4th gear and zipping around people. We had to trade it in when we had two kids as my husband is 6’8″ and has to put the seat all of the way back so there was no room behind him.

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