Universal Studios Harry Potter Wand Repair

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What do you do if your Universal Studios Harry Potter wand stops working at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? You visit Ollivander's wand repair, of course!

Universal Studios Harry Potter Wand repair


When Your Universal Harry Potter Wand Stops Working

We weren't surprised when Max was borderline obsessed with the interactive wand tricks at WWOHP. He's the same kid who is STILL on the lookout for hidden Mickeys in all aspects of his life.

We spent a ton of our between-rides time searching out the wand spots so that he could practice over and over until he could walk right up, activate the magic on the first try and walk away. (He probably would have dropped his wand, mic style, if I'd let him. lol)

We had made a wand holster for him (click through for a tutorial!) to help protect it, but it still had quite a bit of wear and tear after a few days of in and out, not to mention the irresistible tapping of random surfaces to check if something would happen.

Harry Potter interactive want at Universal Orlando

After a while, he started having a lot of trouble getting the tricks to work, even the ones that had been really easy for him previously. Fortunately, Universal does a great job of staffing these wand spots with witches and wizards who can help you get it right. (There's not always someone there, but they seem to rotate pretty regularly; it might also be for when they're really busy so one person doesn't just stand there all day)

We met a lovely assistant witch in Diagon Alley who suggested that maybe Max's wand was in need of a bit of repair, so off to Ollivander's we went.

Harry Potter Interactive Wand Repair at Ollivander's

Because it was so busy when we were visiting, the line to get into Ollivander's was ridiculous; like 45+ minutes. BUT they have someone stationed at the door on these busy days, so she was able to help us without having to wait.

Harry Potter World Universal Wand repair at Ollivanders

We gave her Max's wand and said that we thought it was in need of repair; she said she'd be right back, and disappeared through the crowd. Just a few minutes later, she returned with Max's “repaired” wand, like MAGIC. Ooooohhh

Harry Potter Wants Universal Studios

Non-magic talk: They just swapped the wand out for a new one. Max noticed that the finish on it felt a little different in his hand, but wasn't bothered by it. The wand works because it has a special kind of reflector in the tip, so if that gets scratched, it will make it hard for the sensors for the interactivity to work.

Universal Studios Harry Potter wands have a fragile tip

I'm so grateful that they make it so simple to get a working wand. As a side note; they were also able to give us a second copy of the wand map since we'd left ours at the hotel.

A Harry Potter interactive wand will make any kids smile

When the wand is working, it's pretty stinking cool. Here's a quick video with a few of the tricks in action. (Notice the dabbing troll skeleton. That's ALL Max.)


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  1. Can’t you tell me if they asked for or proof of purchase? I Bought my wand a few years ago and if it’s doesn’t work, I’d love for them to be able to repair it for me. Thanks for you help!

    1. Hi Nina! They didn’t ask us for anything at all, it was totally seamless. (Our wand had been purchased on a separate visit as well. No problems at all!)

  2. We’re back at home and notice ours is cracking from all the tapping you had mentioned. I imagine there’s no way to send this back in via mail? We will have to wait until another visit? We’re out of state…

  3. So… Basically my wand broke, I mean it’s reflector fell off and it got lost, would they give me another wand for that? Also, did you have to pay again for the new wand or did you get for free?

  4. We visited Universal Hollywood yesterday and one of our wands was in need of repair, and I’m sad to say but they did not “repair” it or replace my son’s wand for no charge. An employee in the wand shop offered a 20% discount after telling us that the wand maker could not repair it (we bought it approx 2 years ago on our first visit), so we thought about it and when we went back to the shop we were then told that it was a 15% discount. So we asked around and found the original emplyee that helped us, and he was able to give us the 20% discount. But we most certainly did not have an easy seemless experience with our wand that had been scratched from an accidental fall earlier in the day. It really seems like they should be able to easily repair the wands by replacing the small sensor in the tip, and I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable amount for that repair.

  5. Did the witch assistant know that you’re a blogger/press? I took my wand to Ollivander’s this past Thursday (Hollywood, not Orlando) and they offered me a 15% discount if I purchased a new one. I’m not even rough with my wand although the tip is visibly damaged. Oh well.

  6. I had the same issue in Hollywood (we bought ours in Orlando and was told they would repair for free for life). When I said this to the employee in Hollywood, they told me that their repair policy isn’t the same as Orlando.

  7. Both my kids just had their wand repaired for free. No questions, no fuss. They were quite happy to do so. Universal Studios, Florida .

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