Braggin’ on Jamie!

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I am marrying the kindest, most talented, greatest guy ever.
He cooks me food (grilling counts, right?) he rubs my back, he cleans the bathrooms and the cat pan.

And he builds me stuff.

This is the first piece of what will eventually be an entire bedroom set! It's my bedside table and I'm madly in love with it! He'll make one for his side next, and it will match, but instead of a cabinet, it'll have a shelf at the bottom. The enxt piece is a headboard, which is (at this time!) intended to be his wedding gift to me… I can't wait!

It's all African Mahogany, which Jamie found at an amazing price at Internet Lumber, and the hinges and pulls are from Restoration Hardware.

The final stain is a darker brown, almost wlanut but not quite.

It's a multi-step process, so I won't have stained photos for a few more days. But here's the bare wood piece! Isn't it gorgeous? (Feel free to leave praise for Jamie in the comments! He loves that! LOL)

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  1. Is that a plane on its sole that I see in that first pic!?!?!? Tell Jamie that he has committed a mortal sin against planes!!!

    No really, great job bro.


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