Bored at Dialysis…

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…and I'm tired of watching Netflix movies, so I grabbed some fleece scraps and some thread and voila!
I made the rainbow for Faith… this is how she draws them, straight line like that… I think it's cute, and all that hand-stitching is good practice!

This guy isn't quite so self-explanatory… Katie called me the other day to brag… Faith frew her first face! A smiley face, on her easel, complete with eyes, a mouth and a tail! (??)
While chatting with my in-laws over dinner, I had an idea… I grabbed the picture Katie had posted on her blog, did a little Photoshop magic to it, and I had a template! I embroidered Faith's first drawing onto a piece of fleece, added some cozy flannel and some polyfil and ta da! A pillow!
If/When I get around to setting up my Etsy shop, I'm thinking about offering these for sale… custom, of course, with your child's drawing. As fabulous as *we* think Faith is, I don't know how many strangers will be interested in owning her artwork!

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