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I'm joining with a pre-Blogher13 blog hop, to get to know some bloggers that I might not have already met! So if this is your first visit here, WELCOME!

Where do you blog? Umm… here!
What do you blog about? All of it. Parenting, photography, crafting, recipes… I even write some fiction sometimes!
Is this your first time going to Blogher? Nope! I went to San Diego for Blogher11 and had an amazing time; it literally changed my life, because of some of the relationships that started there, and it was just about the most fun I've had as a grown-up. (Sparklecorn is THAT good) You can read my 2 pre conference posts here and here and my post-conference review here.
What's your favorite post you've written in the last year? Honestly, my most favorite thing isn't published yet! It's my audition piece for Listen to Your Mother, and I haven't shared it yet, but will soon. But my second best post? For words, this better late than never piece about Kate Winslet. But my favorite photos of this past year are certainly Max's 250th Thursday photo shoot!
What are you most looking forward to at Blogher13? Everything, of course! I just love getting a chance to hang out with my friends in real life, with hugs and buying each other drinks instead of virtual hugs and cocktails. The swag is cool, the parties are super fun, but without the people, it's pointless. I'm also excited to meet new friends I've made since 2011, who I have not yet met… because I love to hear the “Wow, you're tall!” comments 😉
Where else {Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Etc.} can we find you? I'm all of those places and more! Here are links to my Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, personal/blog Twitter, my day job Twitter and Flickr. If I knew how to connect my Vine account, I would!

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  1. Nice to meet you! 🙂 Just how tall are you as well? I’m 5’8″ but I don’t consider that to be super tall!

    1. I’m 6 feet!
      It’s because of reactions at Blogher 11 that I added “I am taller in real life than I appear on the internet” to all of my online bios! LOL

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