Blogging for Preemies

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November is Prematurity Awareness Month and today, Nov. 17, is Blogging for Preemies Day.
In order to participate, I should do a moving blog entry about why we need something like Prematurity Awareness Day, about the good works the March of Dimes does. I should have a well worded anecdote that summarizes the preemie experience… that is what I *should* do to blog for preemies.
Instead, I'm blogging for preemies right in between making dinner for preemies and going through bedtime for preemies. No offense to my preemie-sisters, but there's really only one preemie in my life, and I do everything for him.
I blog for a preemie.
I read for a preemie.
I learn for a preemie.
I live for a preemie.

It's the path I've been put on, one of those roads I'd never wish on my worst enemy, but I can't imagine my life any different. I love the way it is!

If you're a more recent addition to our life and adventure, you can read Max's premature birth story by clicking here.

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