Blogging Challenge #9

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What's an Easter memory from your childhood? How is/will be your child's Easter celebration different or the same?

I think that the biggest difference, when looking at Max's Easter vs. my childhood Easters, i s church. We are not currently a “church on Sundays” family, because currently, our only morning off as a family is Sunday, so we think that spending that time together is more important right now, and God understands that. When I growing up, we went to church pretty much every Sunday, and Easter Sunday meant a new dress, probably a hat or gloves (or some similarly antiquated accessory) and a basket for the egg hunt after church. Max's first Easter was brunch at Katie's house with an egg “hunt” in the yard (read: putting egss on the ground and hoping he'd pick them up! LOL)
We maintained the new outfit tradition, but I don't know if we'll do that this year… it's hard, since my mom is out of town visiting Grammy this year, so Easter is going to be a laid-back picnic at the park with Katie and family and my dad.

Next week's prompt: 4/13/10 Did you build forts as a child?

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