Blogging Challenge #4

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What was your (or your child's) “best” Halloween costume ever? (Bonus points for photos!)

I shopped in thrift stores before the age of grunge, before it was cool. Before it was “retro vintage” and it was just old clothes. My dress up box as a kid, I can now appreciate, held some fabulous examples of late seventies women's wear.
When I was in fourth grade, my mom found this dress at Good will; it was a white, strapless, probably mid-1950s, tea length prom dress, and it fit me and I loved it. It even had wires in the bodice that gave my prepubescent body some curves… I was a *magic* dress.
My friends and I decided to dress up in a theme that year, and we were a wedding party… Rachel was a bride, Mattie was the groom, and I was the maid of honor (in white?!?!) and Mattie's dad dressed up as a chauffeur and picked us up from school in her family's old Rolls Royce.
I wore that dress for every dress-up occassion I could think of, for a year or so, as long as it fit me, and by then the fragile, ancient fabric was falling apart, and I'm sure the dress got tossed in one of the many purges of the accumulation of crap in the house… but I'll always remember that dress… I credit it with starting my love of vintage clothing, something that stays with me to this day.

Next week's prompt: 10/30/09 What is your favorite Halloween candy of all time?

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  1. i totally had a box of dress up clothes, and it was all my moms old disco wear. I loved all the wrap around skirts, and i am still trying to find a duplicate of one of them. It was my favorite. 🙂

  2. The Girl was supposed to be a butterfly one year but The Wife and I lost track of time and didn't have enough time to finish the costume. So, she went as a brown moth.

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