Blogging Challenge #3

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What is a specific moment/event that made you realize you were truly “a grown-up”?

I moved out on my own when I was barely 19, and other than about 6 months back with my folks when I first got sick, I've been on my own ever since. It wasn't any time around my first apartment (a 450 square foot studio) that I truly felt like a adult.
It was about 5 years ago, shortly before Jamie and I moved into our current house… I went to Target with my mom, a totally normal errand for us to run on a Saturday morning.
The thing that was different about this trip was one specific item I bought: a toaster.
It's a fabulous toaster; it's a red Kitchen Aid, 2-slice with a bagel setting. And I LOVE it! It makes fabulous toast, and the bagel setting is the greatest invention relating to the toaster since, well, sliced bread!
I don't know if it's obvious yet, what about buying this toaster made me feel like such a grown-up… half of this post has been me swooning and fawning over a small appliance. Getting that new toaster made. my. week.
I would have blogged about, had I blogged back then. I'm pretty sure I posted about it on my message board of the time… I think I even made the realization back then that the level of excitement I felt over a new kitchen gadget meant I had truly “arrived” in Adultville.
I've gotten equally excited over other appliances since then (my Dyson and french door fridge being two that jump to mind!) but there will always be a special place in my heart for that first toaster…

Next week's prompt: 10/23/09 What was your (or your child's) “best” Halloween costume ever? (Bonus points for photos!)

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  1. It was during my sister's wedding. It poured and everyone was freaking out as it was an outdoor wedding. I snapped into action and everyone let me take charge. It was the first time my parents looked to me to be competent. And now it is something I need to practice all too often.

  2. I so know about the appliances fetish, even when it comes to toasters. Ours that we had rcvd as a gift, died and i allways bitched about how i wanted a 4 slice toaster.I go to buy our replacement, forgetting about the 4 slice dream, and buy a 2 slice. Of course Roommate has to point out my mistake. But i sucked it up and said i got the 2 slice cuz they are smaller. so there.

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