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Just a warning… we start demolition of the kitchen on Monday morning, so I don't know how much I'll be around for the next couple of weeks!
We've been planning this remodel since before we bought the house, so it's totally surreal to actually be starting in just a couple of days.
(Why we chose the same week my sister is set to give birth and we're starting our pre-maritals, I have no idea! LOL)
So please, wish us luck and send up happy construction vibes. I'm starting to get nervous and we have to finish packing oue *entire* downstairs by Monday! (We're putting in all new flooring, so everything has to come out!
I'll post my tribute on Monday, for the 2,996 project, but otherwise, I'll probably be MIA for a while!

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  1. hey girl–good luck! i’m sending lots of positive energy your way! here’s to being more tolerant than i was!!! may it go smoothly and quickly!

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