Birthday Portraits

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I shot these before his actual birthday, but just realized last night that I never shared them here! We took Max out to Bol Park, one of Jamie's favorites from when he was a kid, and then we went to our favorite beach, San Gregorio, for some sunset photos.
Unfortunately, Max got a little carsick on the ride to San Gregorio, so he's wearing a shirt I just happened to have on hand instead of his super-handsome polo, but we had a a great time anyway!

I wish he hadn't been wearing his jacket, since it's all kind of tan, and he would
have popped better in his red and blue shirt, but oh well! I love the pic anyway!

This last one is totally not what I'd consider “my style” (if I really had one! LOL) but I
am totally in love with it! It's one of the first images I've taken that I could see myself putting
on a big canvas and hanging in my house.

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  1. Amazing images! Love all of the balloon shots, especially the one where he is so small in the bottom corner and I love the silhouette one too. Well done!!!

  2. What a sweet little man! You really got some great shots 🙂 Very nicely done with the silhouette shots.

  3. The pix are beautiful…I love the sunset one–those types of images are great…one piece of advice that you probably already realized–I take the clothes with me to the photo place and put them on my son when we get there…then I know he can't get food or "anything else" on the shirt…I'm sure you figured that out pretty quickly…definitely enlarge the sunset photo… 🙂

  4. Love all these but that second one is my favorite. Love the light and the eye contact.
    He's one handsome boy.

  5. Happy Birthday to your little boy! These are beautiful images! I LOVE the beach images. The silhouette with the balloons is just gorgeous. BUT my favorite is the one of your son sitting with the balloons and his amazing long shadow. <3

  6. These are fantastic! I also love his hat. You did a great job photographing him in it. It is really hard for me to pick a favorite, but I can definitely see that last one on canvas!!!

  7. oh my goodness. I was going to say that the one with the chair backwards was my favorite and then I scrolled down and there all so cute. Happy Birthday to your baby it goes by way to fast.

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