Birthday Camping

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When you do something two birthdays in a row, it counts as a tradition, right? So the new Jamie birthday tradition is a camping trip with Dave and Ann Marie and the kids!
This year, we headed up to Bodega Bay, to Wright's Beach, a gorgeous oceanside campground, and were blessed with spectacularly good weather!
These pictures aren't in any particular order, it's just a random selection from the weekend…

Jamie and Max being adorable in our tent!
Jamie's birthday kite! We had great kite flying weather most of the weekend, and Jamie found this kite at a local kite shop; it doesn't have a frame at all, it crunches totally down, so it's handy to keep with our camping and picnic stuff!
The kiddos
Dave and Jamie made a bunch of hollowed out sticks into “survival whistles” for the kids, so they proceeded to shove every stick they came across into their mouths, to see if they whistled! LOL
Max and Ashleigh reading to each other! Max reads the letters, Ashleigh actually sounds out the words!
At the edge of our campsite was this ravine-y thing… for the first day or 2, Max was too freaked out to walk down it, but the big kids kept playing down there, so he had to figure out a way to join them! So he plopped down and scootched his way down the hill!
Jamie and Dave working on their “man-crame” (More pics further down…)
See? I'm not kidding when I say we had spectacular weather! The North Coast is known for chilly fog, even in August, but this is what we got instead!
It's nice, now that Max is big enough to hold his own with the big kids, so we can let them do their thing and we get a chance to relax too!
Silly boys!

The man-crame! AKA Paracord Survival Bracelets… the weaving can be unravelled to provide you with 6-10 feet of paracord, handy for survival type situations, like tying up a shelter or a bad buy or catching fish or something. (Or so Jamie tells me!)

The view from our campsite!
Our ridiculous 3 room tent! It's kind of silly, but we love it!
The birthday boy!

So, we had a wonderful trip, as we always do when we get the gang together, and I can't wait until next year!

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