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I promised new videos about a month ago, and then I promptly lost the card reader I need to get videos off my camera!
Here are a few recent, and a couple of not-so-recent Max vids for your viewing pleasure.

I thought I was so smart, teaching Max to say “Cheese!” Well, needless to day, my brilliance has backfired! I pull the camera out to capture Max's cuteness, and he immediately stops the adorableness and says “Cheese!” over and over! In this video, he was doing his new “What?!?!” which comes complete with squinty eyes. You can hear me (shrilly) doing it, trying to get him to mimic me.

Reading his favorite book… the attention span needs a little work, but he did really well for the first half!

And here are a couple of “vintage” vids…
A drive-by Cheerio-ing

And standing on his own! It's amazing that this was only about 8 months ago… he looks so much less baby-like now, and is so much steadier on his feet!

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