Bad blogger, bad!

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I'm so sorry!

Life has been totally out of control hectic these last few weeks, and I just haven't had time to sit down and do blog updates!

We're doing great and just putting the finishing touches on the wedding… we got the license yesterday, and I'm dropping Jamie's suit off at the cleaners today!

We had Thanksgiving here (a smashing success) and my spectacular bridal shower, thrown by my sister and mom, was a couple of weeks ago.

I *promise* to do an update before the wedding though! I promise!

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  1. It’s not like you don’t have anything else going on but to worry about your blog…lol!! The countdown is on!!!!

  2. haha, yeah…like you’ve nothing else on the horizon, we totally forgive you! what is your new last name going to be? i printed xmas card labels and just realized i put down parsons. my bad!

  3. Hi, found your blog through the fiskateers post. Love Jamie’s ring, so cool, good luck with the final preparations and remember to enjoy your day!

    Rhi 🙂

  4. Sorry I couldn’t go to La Fondue with you and Suzy last night, had too much going on but would have loved to go (never been there!).

    Hope your wedding is all you’ve dreamt it to be!!!!! Congratulations!

    Jenn =0)

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