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We've updated this post for 2020, so you'll find lots more options as we gear up for season two!

It makes sense that Disney wanted to keep the existence of Baby Yoda (The Child) under wraps until the reveal on the first episode of the Mandalorian on Disney+, but that also makes it tough for those of us wanting to purchase of gift all things The Child this holiday! That's why we've put together this Baby Yoda Gift Guide, and will keep it updated as new items come to the market.

There's lots of unlicensed products to be found, with Etsy sellers and random social media shops popping up, but your best bet is to stick with officially licensed merchandise.

These Baby Yoda gifts are sure to be a hit with almost everyone, whether they watch The Mandalorian or not!

New Baby Yoda for 2020

Official LEGO The Child

Preorder will be released Oct 30, 2020

The Child Scuplted Figures

These little cuties come in several poses, including “Don't go” and “Eat the Frog” 
Baby Yoda Echo Holder

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing!

The Child Enamel Pin

For all those pin collectors out there, this is the way to the cutest pin in the Galaxy!

The Child and the Mandalorian LEGO Brickheadz

We bought this one as soon as it came out. The Child really is is cute IRL! We have dozens of these LEGO Brickheadz and they are great little sets! You're sure to find one you love.

Snack, Attack, Protect Mug

You can always use a new cute mug!

Hallmark Keepsakes Ornament

Love this design, and I'm sure it will sell out this year with all the Hallmark collectors out there! Not a bad idea to preorder.

Baby Yoda Socks for Bigs

Who says fun socks are for kids?

Baby Yoda Socks for Littles

Because why should big feet get all the cuteness?

A Gigantic Packet of Baby Yoda Stickers

I love having a bunch of cute stickers like this just so I can give them out!

Peeking Baby Yoda Window Cling

I'm actually going to order this one… so cute!

Baby Yoda Chia Pet


2019 Baby Yoda Gifts

The Child Plush Toy, 11″

One of the first things to come available, this plush toy with a plastic head is a preorder for release next spring. He'll (She'll?) be a must have for all those Mandalorian costumes you know you'll see next Halloween!

“Precious Cargo” Pocket T-Shirt

Oh my goodness, how cute is this? The Child is absoltuely precious cargo, and what better than to tuck them into a pocket, right next to your heart?

Funko Pop!  – The Child

Can't go wrong with a Funko Pop! We've got this one preordered for May delivery, and it will go right at home with the rest of Max's Pop collection.

Funko Pop! The Child, 10″ Super Sized Pop!

If you want even Pop-pier than the regular Pop, go for this jumbo 10″ size! This is also slated for a May release.

The Child PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Keep The Child with you at all times when they're on a phone grip!

“This Is My Good Side” T-Shirt

Aww, sweet Baby Yoda. You ONLY have good sides!(We think, anyway! We actually know nothing about this character when you think about it!)

“Discovery” Silhouette T-Shirt

This is my personal favorite. The moment was SUCH a shocker, and this is a gorgeous rendering of it.

The Child – 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

We're a big puzzle family, so this one's a must-have for us! Wookit da widdle sweetie wif the Mandalowian!

The Child Cartoon Poses T-Shirt

Love this super cute cartoon design as something different from the usual images.

Protect Attack Snack Baby Yoda Tumbler
Protect Attack Snack Tervis Tumbler

Tervis makes excellent products, so we are very excited about their Child options! This isn't the only design, and they're available in both stainless and clear plastic styles. You're sure to find something you'll love, we just think this one's adorable.

Womens V-Neck T-Shirt

A great shot of our favorite little Yoda dude, on a women's cut shirt, which is always appreciated.

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