Baby Yoda Fan Art

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When the collective internet falls in love with something the way it's fallen in love with Baby Yoda, there are really only two things that can happen. OK, maybe three. The internet makes gifs. The internet makes memes. The internet makes fan art. (The internet also demands merch, which you can find here.)

Fan art is one of my favorite things… people translating their passion into their own art, when you're just SO into something that you have to share your take on it. I'm a huge fan of pop culture mashups and gorgeous reimaginings of characters, so this stuff is right up my alley.

(Speaking of which, looking for some cool pop and geek culture inspired art? I'm a huge fan of Megan Lara and Karen Hallion!)

Anyway, back to why we're here. Baby Yoda. The internet has spared no time in creating massive amounts of Baby Yoda tributes, so I've collected just a handful of my favorites in this post! Did I miss something awesome? Sound off in the comments or on Facebook!

I've credited original accounts and creators when possible, so please do support them! If you created, or know who did, one of these pieces, please let me know. Many of them are sourced from imgur so sources have been lost.

Enjoy the Baby Yoda Fan Art


I've made pies, but I've never made pies like this! You can also find Pies are Awesome at @ThePieous on Instagram. Their work is absolutely stunning I can't imagine eating it!

This is an adorable cartoon character study of that's also available in Artist Abe's shop!

Need a moment (or more) of Zen? How about an hourlong video of Baby Yoda floating in his pod stroller thingy?

I love the texture on this one! I found it on Imgur, but quick research tells me the artist is Amanda Conrad, an illustrator at Hallmark. Follow her on Instagram!

Ah yes, who doesn't love a good ET + Any other alien lifeform mashup like this excellent bike scene?


This incredible street art was spotted on Higson Lane in Melbourne, Australia! The Mandalorian hasn't even aired there yet, and he's still making waves!

I've basically never wanted an embroidery machine and sewing skills as much as I do right this moment.


OMGoodness it's the cutest rendering of the cutest baby in the Galaxy!


I'm partial to this Calvin and Hobbes-inspired piece. Find more of Brian Kesinger's sweet comic style art available for purchase on his website!

I seriously can't tell if this guy is real watercolor or digital.


I'm either going to call this “knit” or “crochet” and whichever one I choose will be the wrong one. Does anyone know how to tell the two apart if you're not a knitter or a crocheter? Either way, it's ADORABLE.


This adorable little interpretation proves that it doesn't have to be complicated to be adorable!


I really don't want to ackknowledge what terrible fate this piece is predicting, but I also have to include it because the artwork itself is simply gorgeous.


And one last quick one, because I have so much admiration for these incredible special effects makeup people. This is crazypants!


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