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I feel like i've been neglecting my blog for anything more than a place to dump photos… looking back since I started this thing (before we were even engaged!) and I really think I need to do a better job of documenting words to go along with the photos.

So, assuming anyone is even reading this any more! This is your chance to ask me anything! Ask a question, suggest a topic for me to write about… I'm looking for ideas because, believe it or not, I'm at a loss for words when it comes to writing on here!

Ready… set… go!

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  1. I felt the same way with my blog for a long time. I wish i had been better at documenting the early days of Grey. How I was feeling, what he was doing, etc.

  2. Still reading, LOVE to see all the photos of Max and family. You have a good mix of Max, family, scrapbooking, sewing. And I think you are doing a pretty good job of writing about it all as well. The only thing missing, how are you doing?

  3. Still reading, sometimes only skimming, so I love the pictures. I do wonder from time to time how your health is doing. I hope you are doing well, and that no news is good news!


  4. I don't read your blog super-often, but I do read it.
    As far as a question, hmmm.
    Well, how about: how do you find time for Being Crafty amid a fulltime job and baby?! I don't even have a kid yet, and I haven't had the energy to get back into crochet for the last several months. *sigh*

  5. I am still reading. Fellow "Pea" who checks in — love seeing your photos and all your crafty ideas. Impressed that you have time to get so much done 🙂

    Lisa (FLA SummerBaby)

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