Gifts for Hard-to-Shop-for People

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We all have that one friend or family member, right? For me, it's my dad. Between him and an annual gift exchange party we go to with friends, every year I find myself at a loss when I'm shopping. I'm starting to reach panic mode for the last few people on my list, so it's time to break out the big guns.

It's for this reason that I'm in love with Amazon's Interesting Finds Feed.

amazon interesting finds categories

My friend Melanie introduced me to it the other night, when she started posting the randomest assortment of gift ideas on her Facebook page. A four-piece set of “Human Face Ball Anti-stress Balls” a severed foot ornament, or a belt-style beer holster.

I seriously don't know how I lived without this Amazon feed.

It's updated daily, and you can heart the items you like; it will help the software curate your selection for the next day, so it's like a customized catalog that shows up every day!

I'm going through it and heart-ing things with people in mind *cough Dad cough* so that I'll eventually get the perfect gift served right up to me.

In the meantime, I'm poking through some of the craziest, most fun things I've seen on Amazon in a while… here are some of my favorites from my own feed. Who knows? You just might find the perfect gift for an upcoming exchange or recipient!

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite interesting things are!

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