How to remove Absolut vodka bottle label

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While planning for the upcoming project, we had picked up a selection of bottles to repurpose for our portable suitcase bar. Among them was this cool faceted Absolut vodka bottle, that we definitely wanted to repurpose, but we had to figure out how to remove the label. It's got these really interesting little pyramids all over it, and we figured it would have the perfect spot to add our own “Vodka” label to as part of the project.

When we got the bottle home, however, we realized that we weren't sure how we would remove the label… it isn't printed on paper or sticker, it's actually painted or silkscreened directly onto the glass. We brainstormed for a while and tried to come up with a solution using a variety of things from the garage.

We tried so many things to get the label off; a Magic Eraser, a razor blade, sandpaper… nothing worked.

So we decided to try that magical substance that we buy by the gallon… white vinegar.

How to Remove an Absolut Vodka label

submerge in vinegar

We let the bottle soak in a container of vinegar for about 20 minutes, and it didnt' take long to see that this was Absolut-ly (Heh. Sorry not sorry.) going to work.

label starts to dissolve

label mostly gone

When it was most of the way gone (above) all it took was a couple of minutes a green kitchen scrubber to get it totally clean. (Affiliate link)label gone

Once all remnants of the original label were gone, I made our custom labels using my Silhouette cutter and this awesome Heavy Metal Adhesive Vinyl I found. (Affiliate links) Font: Chopin Script  vodka with custom label

If you want to see the bottle in its new home, check out this post about our portable suitcase bar!


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  1. Wonderful, thank you! Vinegar got the writing off the Absolut bottles. I didn’t have enough vinegar to submerge all the writing, so I diluted it and soaked the bottle for an hour or two. The big A. seems to be etched on though.

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