A Very Busy Day

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One of the problems with Jamie working on weekends is that when we *do* get a Saturday off together, we pack it full of activities!
We just got home from one such day… Max is sound asleep in bed at 6:30, and I don't know that Jamie and I will stay up much later!

We went to the pumpkin patch this morning, then out to pizza, then to the NICU Reunion in Walnut Creek… we were so busy chatting at the reunion, we didn't take many photos; my apologies!

But here are some from the patch and the only two nice ones from the party!

First, the costume! It seemed appropriate, with all the walking and climbing that's been going on as of late! But he isn't totally Evel! He's just a Li'l Evel!

Max and a couple of his old NICU roomies… the boy next to him, Elijah, is 3 weeks older than Max and weighed 1 lbs 13 oz! Amazing! His parents were the first people we met, in those early days…

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