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…makes many purses and toys!

I've most certainly been bitten by this sewing bug; there's no question there! As I venture deeper and deeper into the fabric store and sewing websites, I'm finding more and more ideas of projects I'd like to tackle! I got quite a bit of sewing done this weekend (thank goodness for growth-spurt induced 3 hour naps!) and made a couple of gifts and did a little experimenting.
I made this purse for my mom; it's the same design as the polka dot one I did a couple of weeks ago, but I added a pocket to it… I think I want to make another one, but deeper this time, for more of a tote bag than a daily purse.
This was also my first experience with sew-in interfacing (heavyweight Pellon) I used it to reinforce the top of the bag, giving it a little more structure and substance than my first version.

This little rag doll is a pattern I got from Bit of Whimsy on Etsy… She does some darling primative style dolls and animals. This was my first attempt at patchwork, which turned out OK, but I'm not convinced it's something I want to pursue further! I should give her a face, but I don't know… I think there's something kind of sweet about her the way she is!

This is Max's Monster. Jamie says it's the un-scariest monster ever, but I say Max is only 10 months old (today!) and doesn't need a scary monster yet. He's very huggy, with his long long arms and super cuddly, since he's made of fleece! This guy is my first project without a pattern, just out of my head. I can guarantee that there will be more little plushies like this guy coming out of my sewing machine very soon!

I just downloaded a new pattern for a little clutch purse that I'm hoping to make this week, and I have a couple of plushie ideas swirling around in my brain, so I'm hoping to make them happen soon as well!

I don't know… I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop for some of this stuff… whaddaya think?

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