A New Record!

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2 lbs. 6 oz.!

He's finally over his birth weight! Woo hoo!

Feedings are still going really well; he still has an ocassional residual, but not enough to stop the feedings, so that's a good sign! Input is good, output is good, Max is good!
He did go back on the CPAP *again* but is doing really well on it. An odd piece of good news is that he has a blood infection of some sort… it's good news because it could be what's causing/contributing to all the apnea… he's on antibiotics now, so we're hoping to have the infection knocked out within a week, and hopefully his breathing will improve.
The doctors suspect his central line is to blame for the cooties… if it is and the antibiotics don't clear his blood, they'll have to remove the line and put in a traditional IV for a few days, and then replace the central line. One doc said that 2/3s of the time, just the antibiotics take care of it, so we're hoping that will work and we don't have to put the poor baby through yet another icky procedure.
That's it for today!
I'll get his Thursday #4 pic posted either tonight or tomorrow… Jamie has to bring the camera with him tonight.

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