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old school osh koshWhen I was a kid, one of my mom's favorite things, like so many moms, was dressing Katie and I in matching outfits. We have a well-documented era of our lives, with the two of us in our matching dresses or shirts, my in my bowl cut, with Katie's crazy curls.
As we got older, the outfits became less matching and more coordinated. But the peak of our matchy-matchyness meant one thing: Outfits from OshKosh B'gosh.

We had several years of overalls and jumpers; the amazing ones pictured at left were corduroy, I remember them well. (Is that weird? 33 or so years later?)

OshKosh is a classic kid's brand that, thankfully, is still a great place to get cute kids fashion for littles of all ages.

We've continued the tradition by getting Max's special holiday outfit as OshKosh as well; while we didn't go with overalls, I do love the pieces that I put together for him. He looks so handsome in red, and I'm pretty sure Jamie would kill for this sweater in his size.

We got him all dressed up to go visit Santa the other night, and it hit me that I don't know if I'll “get” another Christmas with the magic of Santa. While I hope that Max holds onto it for another year, I'm trying to memorize every moment we get this year.

We went to see the same Santa we visit every year, but I kept my eyes on Max, looking for signs of doubt in Max's eyes. I don't think I saw any, but who knows what it will be next year.

santa pics

Because I think we still have a believer, it was the perfect opportunity to sit down with Max and get a few of his important thoughts on Santa. Check out the interview we did below:

I'm so glad that I got these thoughts and answers down before Max outgrows the magic of Santa… while the holiday season is always magical in its own way, the magic that believing in Santa brings is something special in its own right.

Special thanks to OshKosh B'gosh for making Max's holiday look so cute. Use their store locator to find your own OshKosh cuteness, or check out the online gift guide for ideas.

I've also got a great 25% off coupon just for you!

main santa pic

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