A Busy Weekend of Firsts!

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We just got home from four days away… we went up to Grass Valley to visit Grandpa Ed and Lucinda (Jamie's dad and stepmom) and meet some of Lucinda's family that came to visit, Jamie' PopPop and Gabby, and Aunt Nicole and Uncle Mason, along with his family, his wife, Martha and her daughter, Lenna, and her mom, Viola!
Max has now met all three of his living great grandparents, all of whom, it turns out, live about 1 hour apart from each other in Florida! Such a small, small world!
We, as always, jammed lots of fun into our limited vacation time!
Besides meeting (and winning the hearts of, natch) a bunch of new family, Max had a weekend filled with firsts… some first foods; ice cream, a french fry, bell pepper, scrambled egg and Jello!

On Saturday, we took him to his first Renaissance Faire, which was fabulous in spite of the cold and rain…

Sunday we expanded his world to include another state and took him across the border into Nevada… if you count airport layovers, Max has now been in four states in three time zones!
We headed home today, and topped the weekend off with a stop at the Jelly Belly Factory, with a factory tour and Belly Flop shopping spree!

All in all, a very successful trip! (Baptism pictures coming later this week… I promise!)

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