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Last week, we had a chance to meet up with some girlfriends from high school and meet their babies… I'm waiting for the group photo to get emailed to me, but here are a couple of Max playing at Super Franks!

He's very secure in his masculinity… real men ride pink ATVs!

And we had our first bounce house experience! I remembered back to Ryan (at Ashleigh's 4th b-day party I think) not being a big fan of the bouncy house… Max doesn't know how to jump yet, so I wasn't sure what he'd make of this unstable ground… I waited until just before closing and got the girl to let Max take a quick jump by himself without any other kids in there… needless to say, he LOVED it! We've been working on jumping, so next time he's presented this bounce house opportunity, he'll get the full effect!

A couple of weeks ago, I was clearing out my scrapbook room, and Max found my old point and shoot camera. “Tam-rah! Tam-rah!” He grabbed it and started puching the shutter button… I decided to charge it up and see what happened!
He look a bunch of photos, but I have to get a new card reader to get them *off* the camera, so here's a sneak of the artist at work… he holds the camera up to his mouth and kisses the screen with each photo! Just about the cutest thing ever!

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  1. How cute!!

    Jenna's been working on the 2 footed jump FOREVER at gymnastics… she still doesn't have it down! I'll have to take her to a bouncy house to try!

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