2013 Christmas Morning Timelapse

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A couple of weeks ago, Clickin Moms shared a post on their Facebook page, titled “How to Photograph Your Christmas Morning”
I'm always looking for ideas and new ways to cover things like this, other than stepping back from the festivities and just documenting.
When I watched the video and read the accompanying article, I knew I had to do it.

Looking over my collection of lenses, I realized that nothing I had was wide enough to get a good view of our whole living room. I turned to my trusty favorite, BorrowLenses.com, and picked out a nice wide 11-16mm f/2.8. Wide enough to get a good overall shot of the room, fast to let lots of light in, since I knew that Max would be up before the sun to start our day. I set the tripod out of the way in a corner of the living room, and set the interval timer to shoot every 30 seconds, starting just moments before we let Max out into the living room.

I'm so excited with how it turned out with only one little exception; the battery on my camera died at about 10:30, before we had finished opening gifts with my sister and her girls, so the ending is a little blunt, but overall I love it!

I'll definitely be playing with timelapse more in the future; I already have lots of ideas! (Thanks Nikon for the interval timer built-in on the D7000!)

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  1. That is fantastic! I set my camera up on the tripod in the corner, too, after reading the same article. My Canon doesn’t have the interval setting, though, so I had to use my remote. My husband wants to leave it set up all year and do a time-lapse of our living room for all of 2014!

  2. Hey Lizz, great video. I love the idea. I have to check if my camera has that option. I have ordered an extra battery online for my camera for exactly this reason. Mark found it somewhere from china so it was much cheaper and it has longer life than my original Nikon battery.

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