20 people you’ll see at your 20th high school reunion


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Disclaimer: Yes, my reunion was last month. If you think I'm talking about you… I might be. 😉

1. The nerdy shy guy who got hot.

2. The dramatically different looking person. (Applies to weight and/or hair)

3. The mom who hasn't had a night out since the LAST reunion.

4. The popular cheerleader who is terrible at even pretending to remember you.

5. That one guy who looks SO different you aren't convinced he actually went to school with you.

6. The one who meets you at the bar after the official reunion because they didn't want to buy a ticket.

7. The one who totally fulfilled their senior prediction.

8. That one teacher who comes to ALL the reunions.

9. The person who seriously looks EXACTLY the same.

10. The hugely pregnant woman.

11. The one person who just won't leave the dance floor.

12. The photo booth hog.

13. The one who peaked in high school (Male)

14. The one who peaked in high school (Female)

15. The one who has more school spirit now than they ever did in school.

16. The mean girl who has mellowed with age.

17. The two who had an awkward hook-up at the last reunion but are now married to other people.

18. The multi-level marketer who wants you to join their downline.

19. The one who remembers you, and seems legitimately interested in talking to you, even though you never talked in high school.

20. The one who is you. Because no matter how your high school experience might have been, it's worth going to your reunion.

I wasn't a popular kid, I didn't have tons of friends in high school. I looked at it as something I had to survive in order to get on to the rest of my life. But I went to both my 10th and 20th reunions, and haven't regretted it once.

While you might think that Facebook keeps you up to date on all the happenings, it really doesn't. It gives you glimpses, so you have ideas of what folks are up to, but getting together and raising a glass together? There's nothing like it.

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  1. Love it! I can’t wait until ours next year. BTW, dying to know who fits into each category 🙂 GO WOLVES!

  2. Love the images you found for this! My 20th is this year. I didn’t go to my 10th and I don’t plan to go to the one this year- but for me, it’s over 600 miles away and I just am not interested enough to travel that far for it. I did go to my college 10th and I will probably go to the 20th for that.

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