10 of My School Memories that Max Won’t Have

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Since I graduated from school almost 18 years ago a while ago, things have changed a bit. Some things that I remember from my school life, that Max won't have a chance to experience:

  1. Oregon Trail and Print Shop Deluxe in the Computer Lab
  2. Learning to program in LOGO and saving it to a cassette tape
  3. Making sense of an uppercase cursive Q
  4. Crowding around the TV with the family for premiers of Michael Jackson videos
  5. The excitement of a big A/V cart being rolled into the room for a movie
  6. Splinters from wooden play structures, butt burns from metal slides on the playground
  7. 50¢ chocolate chip cookies that were big enough to feed me and all my friends
  8. Watching a space shuttle launch live in the classroom at lunchtime.
  9. Daring each other to eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke to see what happens
  10. Smuggling Garbage Pail Kids into school to trade on the playground

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  1. I so remember the Logo turtle. We also had a program about a family that had names like Morris and Dorris and Delores and we were trying to solve a mystery. I love that you can get Lemonade stand as an iPhone App and there is the option to have the pixelated animation…. good times!

  2. Wow… computers in school! When I was finishing 6th grade, my elementary school got ONE computer. It made a brief visit to each classroom, so we could see what it was like.

    The big AV cart is a huge memory… that meant it really was a special day! And if your teacher was really nice, and it was a filmstrip, she might let you watch it backwards as it rewound lol!

    What else… my littlest just started Pre-School. And they do have a metal slide!

    1. I’m totally curious about what my old elementary school uses the room that was the computer lab for now, since I’m sure all the rooms have their own! LOL

      And OMG, filmstrips!

  3. Hey, I rolled the A/V cart into my classroom last year to show a movie, and I had to wander around school until I found a DVD player, since the cart came with a VHS player!

  4. Ha ha! Funnily, the only thing that I have experience first-hand are the AV carts. Anything else didn’t take place in German schools. Oh, and I would have really loved those cookies!

    1. Such a tragedy. That’s an awful game, when you think about it.
      Have you seen the new “Organ Trail” that’s like a zombie game? LOL

  5. Garbage Pail Kids! Actual music videos on TV!

    Wow… so many memories that I remember so fondly! I don’t even know if they teach cursive anymore either!

  6. Ah, Oregon Trail! I also loved the “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” game. The cookies for 50 cents were the BEST (at least that’s how I felt when I was 11!). Kids are going to think we’re crazy when we tell them the music channels actually used to play music videos ALL THE TIME! Imagine that?! Great memories…

  7. OMG! This list makes us sound so old, but really we were progressive. My first year of computer science in high school we never even saw the computer. It was all about 0 and 1 sequences! And then when they finally allowed us to sit behind one all we kept doing was create another dir and move it to floppy.
    Love this list. Our boys are bound to make so much fun of us soon…

  8. Oregon trail was THE BEST! and #8 makes me sad….when I was 12 we got to see a launch while visiting friends in FL (they lived across the river), it was the coolest thing ever!

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